2 Poems Published in The Carolina Quarterly!

I’m delighted to have received my contributor’s copies of The Carolina Quarterly, which contains my poems “Sunsets Like Strobe Lights” and “That’s Why They Invented Cheesecake.” It’s such a pleasure to share this issue with Devon Balwit, Grant Kittrell, Dan Kraines, Jenna Le, Matt Miller, Annie Woodford, and many more wonderfuls. Thank you again Calvin Olsen and the rest of the Carolina Quarterly crew!

2 Poems Just Published in the Southwest Review!

It’s chilly here in Syracuse, but I’m enjoying the warm glow of having received my contributor copies of the sunny Southwest Review, Volume 102, Number 2, which includes my poems “Shadows of Blackbirds on Our Arms” and “Let’s Arm Ourselves with Supple Skin.” This issue features luminous new work by Elijah Burrell, Jac Jemc, Jacqueline Osherow, Lee Rossi, Lewis Shiner, Jonathan Weinert and others. Thank you again to editors Terri Lewers, Preston Hutcherson, and Greg Brownderville!

“Every Other Week a New Planet” in Jellyfish Magazine

Friends! Happy day! One of the collaborative prose poems I’ve been writing with Dustin Nightingale has just been published in the new issue of Jellyfish Magazine. It’s called “Every Other Week a New Planet” and it gets to share this beautiful issue with the likes of RE K Bye, Ruth Baumann, Joey De Jesus, Wren Hanks, Hajara Quinn, Zachary Evans, Jayme Russell, and Sara Biggs Chaney! Thanks so much to editors Gale Marie Thompson, Anne Cecelia Holmes, Philip Muller, Kamden Ishmael Hilliard, and Caroline Cabrera!

Read our poem HERE!

“The Low Crumble of Distant Applause” in The Laurel Review

What a thrill to receive my contributor copy of The Laurel Review issue 50.1 which contains my poem “The Low Crumble of Distant Applause.” What an additional thrill to see that contributor list — Jeff Alessandrelli, Mary Biddinger, Bruce Bond, Emily Borgmann, Kristina Marie Darling, Mark Halliday, Al Maginnes, Gary McDowell, Kyle McCord, Martin Ott, Carrie Shipers, Marcus Wicker — to name but a few! Thanks a million to Daniel Biegelson, John Gallaher, Luke Rolfes, and the rest of The Laurel Review crew!

2 Poems Published in Meridian Issue 39

I’m drop-down delighted to hold in my hand my contributor copy of Meridian Issue 39 – the No Borders issue – which contains my poems “The Sky We Want to Reach Up and Press Our Thumbs Into” and “One Theory of What’s Happening Out There.” This powerful issue features work by such superlatives as Destiny Birdsong, Roy Guzmán, JP Grasser, Carlie Hoffman, Patrick Kindig, Ösel Jessica Plante, Jeff Whitney, and more! Thanks so much Courtney Flerlage, Helen Chandler, and the rest of the good folks at Meridian!

Lyric Essay “Strike Anywhere” Published Online in Quarterly West

My lyric essay “Strike Anywhere” has been published online in Quarterly West Issue 91. This essay is from a series based on the four classical elements, and its theme is fire. Huge thanks to Noam Dorr, Sara Eliza Johnson, JP Grasser and the rest of the Quarterly West staff. Also, I want to say a scorchingly grateful thank you to my generous friends and family who allowed me to audio record them for this, including those whose interviews never made it into the final draft.

Read the essay HERE.

“What Can I Do?” in Quiddity

Delighted to have received my contributor copy of Quiddity, which contains my poem “What Can I Do?” along with a bonanza of new work by such wonderfuls as Joanne Diaz, Kathleen McGookey, Sandy Marchetti, John Sibley Williams, Heather Cox, Julie B Barbour, Kristina Marie Darling, and more — and a conversation with Adam Clay, Ada Limón, and Michael Robins! Thanks so much again to Joanna Beth Tweedy, John McCarthy, Pamm Collebrusco, Lisa Higgs and the rest of the folks at Quiddity!

“Beaver Lake” and “Elegy for the Travel Agents” Published in Southern Indiana Review

Massive thanks to Marcus Wicker, Emily Skaja, Ron Mitchell, and the rest of the good people at Southern Indiana Review for including my poems “Elegy for the Travel Agents” and “Beaver Lake” in the spring issue! It’s such an joy to share these pages with the likes of George David Clark, Emily Rose Cole, John Gallaher, Anna Claire Hodge, Ada Limón, Mark Neely, Sarah Rose Nordgren, Catherine Pond, Maggie Smith-Beehler, Ephraim Scott Sommers, Michael Waters, and more! Not to mention the interview with, and visual art by, Guided By Voices’ Robert Pollard!

“These Seagulls Are Better More Gullier Than the Ones in the City” Published in Crazyhorse

I’m blossomingly delighted to have received my contributor copies of Crazyhorse Spring 2017, which contains my poem “These Seagulls Are Better More Gullier Than the Ones in the City” — a poem inspired by the Lake Ontario shoreline in Oswego, NY. It’s an honor to share these pages with such folk as Marianne Boruch, Erica Dawson, Paul Guest, Peter LaBerge, Michael Robins, Bret Shepard, L. Lamar Wilson, Catherine Wing — to name but a few of the fantastic writers in this issue. Thanks so much Emily Rosko, Jonathan Bohr Heinen, and the rest of the Crazyhorse crew!