“Beaver Lake” and “Elegy for the Travel Agents” Published in Southern Indiana Review

Massive thanks to Marcus Wicker, Emily Skaja, Ron Mitchell, and the rest of the good people at Southern Indiana Review for including my poems “Elegy for the Travel Agents” and “Beaver Lake” in the spring issue! It’s such an joy to share these pages with the likes of George David Clark, Emily Rose Cole, John Gallaher, Anna Claire Hodge, Ada Lim√≥n, Mark Neely, Sarah Rose Nordgren, Catherine Pond, Maggie Smith-Beehler, Ephraim Scott Sommers, Michael Waters, and more! Not to mention the interview with, and visual art by, Guided By Voices’ Robert Pollard!

“These Seagulls Are Better More Gullier Than the Ones in the City” Published in Crazyhorse

I’m blossomingly delighted to have received my contributor copies of Crazyhorse Spring 2017, which contains my poem “These Seagulls Are Better More Gullier Than the Ones in the City” — a poem inspired by the Lake Ontario shoreline in Oswego, NY. It’s an honor to share these pages with such folk as Marianne Boruch, Erica Dawson, Paul Guest, Peter LaBerge, Michael Robins, Bret Shepard, L. Lamar Wilson, Catherine Wing — to name but a few of the fantastic writers in this issue. Thanks so much Emily Rosko, Jonathan Bohr Heinen, and the rest of the Crazyhorse crew!

Lyric Essay “Each Breeze Began Life Somewhere As a Little Cough” Published Online at Passages North

I’m super excited to share the news that my lyric essay “Each Breeze Began Life Somewhere As a Little Cough” has been published online at Passages North. Since last autumn I’ve been working on a series of lyric essays, one for each of the four classical elements, and this is the first one that I finished. It’s the air essay. As I begin work on the final one (fire) it’s awesome to have the first one meet the light of day. Massive thanks to Willow Grosz, Brandon Hansen, Matthew Gavin Frank, and all the folks at PN! And special thanks to my awesome partner Sarah for allowing me to record her for this essay. ūüôā
Read the essay HERE.

“Save the Receipts for a Kind of Diary” in Hayden’s Ferry Review

I’m loop-de-loop thrilled to have received my contributor’s copy of Hayden’s Ferry Review Issue 59 – which includes my poem “Save the Receipts for a Kind of Diary” along with new poetry, fiction, translations, and art by Jenni B. Baker, Helene Cardona, Julie Henson, Gary Soto, Katherine E. Young and so many others. Thanks so much Meghan Kelsey, Cheyenne Black, Susan Nguyen, Dustin Pearson, and the rest of the HFR crew!


“The People Who Live Near Us Are Our Neighbors” Published in Ploughshares

Friends. I’m holding Ploughshares Winter 2016-2017, which includes my poem “The People Who Live Near Us Are Our Neighbors.” It’s not every day a dream comes true. What an honor to share this issue with Beth Ann Fennelly, Beth Bachmann, Anders Carlson-Wee, Tony Hoagland, Dennis Nurkse, Charles Rafferty, Sam Sax, Terese Svoboda, Leila Chatti — the list goes beautifully on. Massive, clasp-handed, doe-eyed thanks to John Taylor, David Weinstein, John Skoyles, Allison Trujillo, Ellen Duffer, and the rest of the good folks at Ploughshares.

3 Prose Poem Collaborations Published online at Pith

The newest issue of Pith just landed, and it includes three of the collaborative prose poems I’ve been writing with Dustin Nightingale — “It Is Very Scary To Close One Eye,” “When a Breeze Slides Up the Hill You’re Waiting On” and “The Way We Slowly Fall Apart” — along with new work by Nava Fader, S. Jane Sloat, Christine Scanlon, Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick, Doug Luman, E.G. Cunningham, Will Cordeiro, and Seth McKelvey. As our full-length book manuscript begins its journey to try to find a publisher, it’s great to have these poems in the world at Kin Press/Pith. Thanks so much Meg Cowen and J. C. Mlozanowski!


Read the poems HERE.

“Right Like Yellow Along a Banana” in The Laurel Review

It’s a sunny day here in Syracuse – yippee! – and I’ve just received my contributor copies of The Laurel Review issue 49.2, which contains my poem “Right Like Yellow Along a Banana” – a poem about sunlight, among other things. So many great voices in this issue – Bruce Bond, Nancy Naomi Carlson, Maxine Chernoff, Matthew Cooperman, Kristina Marie Darling, Shawn Fawson, Alex Lemon, Michael Robins, Kathleen Rooney, Martha Silano, Tony Trigilio – to name but a few. Thanks so much again Daniel Biegelson, John Gallaher, Luke Rolfes, and the rest of the Laurel Reviewers!

Featured in The Missouri Review Issue 39.4

I’ve received my contributor copies of¬†The Missouri Review¬†featuring 6 of my poems!!! I’m ecstatic. I’m over the moon. Thank you so much again Poetry Editor¬†Leanna Petronella, Evelyn Somers,¬†Traci Cox, and the rest of the Missouri Review staff. It’s an honor to share issue 39.4 with poets Sharon Dolin,¬†Heather Derr-Smith, and the rest of the amazing writers and artists. I’m going to try to calm down now and read.

2 Collaborations Published at Gramma

Huuuge thanks to Dominic Ng,¬†Drew Scott Swenhaugen, and all the folks at¬†Gramma Poetry¬†for featuring “A Fern Uncurling in Her Skull Is Not an Answer Or a Reflection” and “I Love Where I Am Right Now” — two of the prose poems I’ve been writing collaboratively with Dustin Nightingale — today at Daily Gramma!

Read the poems HERE.