Lyric Essay “Strike Anywhere” Published Online in Quarterly West

My lyric essay “Strike Anywhere” has been published online in Quarterly West Issue 91. This essay is from a series based on the four classical elements, and its theme is fire. Huge thanks to Noam Dorr, Sara Eliza Johnson, JP Grasser and the rest of the Quarterly West staff. Also, I want to say a scorchingly grateful thank you to my generous friends and family who allowed me to audio record them for this, including those whose interviews never made it into the final draft.

Read the essay HERE.

“What Can I Do?” in Quiddity

Delighted to have received my contributor copy of Quiddity, which contains my poem “What Can I Do?” along with a bonanza of new work by such wonderfuls as Joanne Diaz, Kathleen McGookey, Sandy Marchetti, John Sibley Williams, Heather Cox, Julie B Barbour, Kristina Marie Darling, and more — and a conversation with Adam Clay, Ada Limón, and Michael Robins! Thanks so much again to Joanna Beth Tweedy, John McCarthy, Pamm Collebrusco, Lisa Higgs and the rest of the folks at Quiddity!

Poem & Interview at Fairy Tale Review!

A poem and a short interview with me have just been published online as part of Fairy Tale Review‘s Pins & Needles Q&A series. Poetry Editor Jon Riccio asked some really fun questions about my two poems published in FTR‘s Ochre Issue, and in the space of a few hundred words I managed to cram in Robyn Hitchcock, Mary Ruefle, Craig Raine, Anthony Burgess, Dostoyevsky, James Taylor, Pringles, T.S. Eliot, Ross Gay, P.G. Wodehouse, and Alpha Centauri. Plus the full text of one of the poems, “We’re Actually Fabulous” is included at the end of the interview. Thanks again Jon!

Read HERE.