The Chattahoochee Review

My poems “Almost the Woods” and “There’s Always Abracadabra,” which were written in collaboration with Dustin Nightingale, have just been published in The Chattahoochee Review Fall/Winter 2014. This issue has a “skin” theme and tons of great poetry, prose, reviews, visual art and more.

You can grab a copy HERE or HERE.

Thanks again editors Michael Diebert and Lydia Ship!

Whiskey Island

Two prose poems written in collaboration with the poet Dustin Nightingale have just been accepted for publication in Whiskey Island.

We’ve been working hard at this ongoing series of collaborative prose poems — emails bouncing back and forth between Fargo, North Dakota and Syracuse, NY — and it’s fantastic to see them finding homes in journals as wonderful as Whiskey Island.

Thank you Whiskey Island editors! Huzzah!