Poetry (Forthcoming)

  • “If We Had a Lemon We’d Throw It and Call That the Sun” in Gulf Coast
  • “In Small Significant Ways We Are Horses,” “To Keep At Least Partially In the Air,” and “We Are Many People Some Okay” in Alaska Quarterly Review
  • “I Smell the Dirt All Around Me and Above” in Pleiades
  • “To the Dirt Which Will in Time Consume Us All” in Narrative Magazine
  • “Shelter Awhile” and “Smell of Wet Earth Like the Inside of My Hands” in Colorado Review
  • “On a Foreign Planet Surrounded by Sugar Maples” and “Bats and Applesauce” in the North American Review
  • “We Live on a Foreign Planet This One” and “Sneaking Back Inside” in cream city review
  • “One Push on Top Is All It Takes” in Passages North
  • “Anyway and Try to Stay Alive on What It Gives Us” in Blackbird
  • Collaborative prose poems, written with the poet Dustin Nightingale, in Southern Indiana ReviewBayou Magazine, and They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology of Contemporary Collaborative Writing forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press

Poetry (Selected)               *Linked poem titles are available to read online*





Reviews I’ve Written

  • My review of I Carry A Hammer In My Pocket For Occasions Such As These by Anthony Tognazzini (BOA Editions) from Indiana Review Issue 30.1
  • My review of Revolt of the Crash-Test Dummies by Jim Daniels (Eastern Washington University Press) from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


  • Currently: Poetry Editor for decomP magazinE, a monthly online literary magazine
  • Formerly: Associate Poetry Editor for Indiana Review, Associate Editor Lyric Poetry ReviewSphere (Ohio University’s Undergraduate Literary Magazine)

Reviews of My Writing

  • My poem “On Mother” is singled out in a review of Barrelhouse 13 published at The Review Review (Summer 2014)
  • My poem is singled out in a review of NANO Fiction V5N1 published in New Pages (May 2012)



  • Orbiting the Sundress: Prospero’s Pocket Poets Volume 2, Issue 6. Unholy Day Press, Kansas City (2004)