“A Lot Going On Up There” Is Poem of the Week at Narrative!

I’m thrilled to share the news that my poem “A Lot Going On Up There” has just been published as the Poem of the Week at Narrative Magazine! You can read the poem HERE (logging in is required to read the poem in its entirely, but it’s completely free to do so!) Thank you so much Jack, Carol, Tom, and the rest of the staff at Narrative!

“It’s Something People in Love Do” in the Pushcart Prize Anthology 2018

Thank you to Bill Henderson and the other editors of The Pushcart Prize Anthology for including my poem “It’s Something People in Love Do” in the newly published 2018 edition! Having received my contributor’s copy not long ago, I’m still reeling from the honor. Thank you to all the journal editors who have nominated my work over the years, and most especially to Lee Upton and Tony Ardizzone for nominating my work this year. Thanks again to Anthony Sutton, Mitchell Jacobs, Rachel Reynolds, and the other editors at Sycamore Review for giving this poem a home in the first place!

“Shelter Awhile” and “Smell of Wet Earth Like the Inside of My Hands” Accepted at Colorado Review

Huuuuuuge thanks to the good folks at the Colorado Review for accepting my poems “Shelter Awhile” and “Smell of Wet Earth Like the Inside of My Hands” — the latter being one of the very few sonnets I’ve ever had survive into a final draft. So huzzah! This will be the second time my work has appeared in the Colorado Review, since they were good enough to publish my first lyric essay “Go Ahead and Stay Right Here” back in the Spring 2014 issue. So double thanks and huzzahs!

2 Poems Published in The Carolina Quarterly!

I’m delighted to have received my contributor’s copies of The Carolina Quarterly, which contains my poems “Sunsets Like Strobe Lights” and “That’s Why They Invented Cheesecake.” It’s such a pleasure to share this issue with Devon Balwit, Grant Kittrell, Dan Kraines, Jenna Le, Matt Miller, Annie Woodford, and many more wonderfuls. Thank you again Calvin Olsen and the rest of the Carolina Quarterly crew!

3 Poems Accepted at Alaska Quarterly Review!

Last night I received the delightful news that three of my poems — “In Small Significant Ways We Are Horses,” “To Keep At Least Partially In the Air,” and “We Are Many People Some Okay” — have been accepted for publication in Alaska Quarterly Review! I celebrated by baking a potato at 1:30 am and watching The Man with the Golden Gun. Made sense at the time