Collaborative Prose Poem “The Star Wars Sheets I Had at Five” in Inter|rupture

I’m delighted to share the news that my collaborative prose poem, “The Star Wars Sheets I had at Five,” written with Dustin Nightingale, has just been published in the final issue of Inter|rupture, beside a host of other new and fellow former contributors, including John Gallaher, Gale Marie Thompson, Brandon Amico, Noah Falck, Mary Biddinger, John Sibley Williams, Dalton Day, Adam Tedesco, Jennifer MacBain-stephens, just to name a few wonderfuls. Congratulations to editors Curtis Perdue, Elizabeth Onusko, and Anna Pollock-Nelson on a great run and an awesome final issue, and best wishes on your future projects!

Read said poem HERE.

Read our previous contribution, “The Weight of Everything,” from the Oct 2014 issue HERE.

“Every Other Week a New Planet” in Jellyfish Magazine

Friends! Happy day! One of the collaborative prose poems I’ve been writing with Dustin Nightingale has just been published in the new issue of Jellyfish Magazine. It’s called “Every Other Week a New Planet” and it gets to share this beautiful issue with the likes of RE K Bye, Ruth Baumann, Joey De Jesus, Wren Hanks, Hajara Quinn, Zachary Evans, Jayme Russell, and Sara Biggs Chaney! Thanks so much to editors Gale Marie Thompson, Anne Cecelia Holmes, Philip Muller, Kamden Ishmael Hilliard, and Caroline Cabrera!

Read our poem HERE!

3 Prose Poem Collaborations Published online at Pith

The newest issue of Pith just landed, and it includes three of the collaborative prose poems I’ve been writing with Dustin Nightingale — “It Is Very Scary To Close One Eye,” “When a Breeze Slides Up the Hill You’re Waiting On” and “The Way We Slowly Fall Apart” — along with new work by Nava Fader, S. Jane Sloat, Christine Scanlon, Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick, Doug Luman, E.G. Cunningham, Will Cordeiro, and Seth McKelvey. As our full-length book manuscript begins its journey to try to find a publisher, it’s great to have these poems in the world at Kin Press/Pith. Thanks so much Meg Cowen and J. C. Mlozanowski!


Read the poems HERE.

2 Collaborations Published in Horsethief 8

Howdy friends. The new issue of Horsethief published this week contains two of my prose poem collaborations with Dustin Nightingale – “My Markings Easily Recognizable Even In a Windstorm” and “Sometimes You Walk Around and Get Decapitated” – along with poetry awesomeness by Josh Estanislao Lopez, Erin Adair Hodges, Sarah Trudgeon, and Chance Dibbene! Massive bronco-busting thank yous to Editors Justin Boening & Devon Walker-Figueroa for including our poems in your stable!

Read the issue HERE.

Collaborative Poem “In This Version a Suspension Bridge in Every Shot” Just Published in Ghost Ocean

Ahoy there friends! Ghost Ocean 19 has just been published and it includes a prose poem I wrote collaboratively with Dustin Nightingale – “In This Version a Suspension Bridge in Every Shot.” There’s also audio of us reading the poem – we sound sedated, but really we were just tired from a long day. Thanks so much Editor Heather Cox!

Read and listen to the poem HERE.

Collaborative Prose Poem (with Audio) Just Published at Barnstorm

“I Haven’t Seen You in 13 Years and You Show Up Blind and So Do I” — A collaborative prose poem I wrote with Dustin Nightingale — has just been published at Barnstorm, complete with seriously awesome artwork (by Michael McConnell) and audio of me and Dustin reading the poem. Thanks a million poetry editors Stephen Brand & Katie Brunero!

Read & listen to the poem HERE.

Two Collaborative Prose Poems Published in elsewhere 11

Two of the collaborative prose poems I’ve been writing with Dustin Nightingale – “Raising the Titanic” and “I Think That Guy Came With a Violin On His Back and Wants To Play a Song” – have just been published in Elsewhere. It’s a pippin of an issue with new work by Jessica Hudgins,Kathleen McGookey, Andrew Michael Roberts, JD Scott, and Claudia Serea. Thank you to the elsewhere crew: Sam Thayn, Spencer Hyde, Zach T Power, and Lindsey Keller!

Read the poems HERE.