“Shelter Awhile” and “Smell of Wet Earth Like the Inside of My Hands” Accepted at Colorado Review

Huuuuuuge thanks to the good folks at the Colorado Review for accepting my poems “Shelter Awhile” and “Smell of Wet Earth Like the Inside of My Hands” — the latter being one of the very few sonnets I’ve ever had survive into a final draft. So huzzah! This will be the second time my work has appeared in the Colorado Review, since they were good enough to publish my first lyric essay “Go Ahead and Stay Right Here” back in the Spring 2014 issue. So double thanks and huzzahs!

Essay in the Colorado Review

A personal essay I wrote this spring just got accepted by the Colorado Review today for their spring 2014 issue. Four hours after I got that acceptance, and agreed to it, (before I even had time to withdraw it from other journals) I got an email from another amazing journal also accepting it. Two acceptances for the same piece in the same day. That is a new one for me, and I’m still floored.

This is my first full essay acceptance, and that it was from the Colorado Review is a dream come true.