Creative Nonfiction Accepted at Boulevard

I’m excited to share the news that my nonfiction essay “An Elephant Walks Into a McDonalds” has been accepted for publication in Boulevard.

The essay is a memoir account of two prison arts outreach experiences I have had. The first was in the 1990s at Washington DC’s Lorton Prison as an observer with Living Stage, and the second was in the 2000s as a guest poet at a jail outside Lawrence, Kansas.

This is the second personal essay I have had accepted for publication. The first one, “Go Away and Stay Right Here,” was published last year in Colorado Review. You can purchase a paper copy of that Spring 2014 issue for $10 or a pdf for $5 HERE.

Thank you Jessica Rogen and Boulevard!

NANO Fiction’s State of Flash

My article “State of Flash (and Prose Poetry): Why We Write ‘Em!” is going to be featured at NANO Fiction in September, and I’m so excited. For this, I called up a handfull of writer friends and asked them why in the world they write prose poems or flash fiction. The answers I got were wonderful. Also funny, insightful, sometimes frightening, and even lyrical.

Check out Adam Peterson’s “Bylaws of the State of Flash,” the most recent post in NF’s State of Flash series. You may not have known it, but in the State of Flash there are fifty bylaws. And they’re not to be sniffed at.