Whiskey Island

The new issue of Whiskey Island contains two of my collaborative prose poems written with poet Dustin Nightingale: “Anywhere Is the Center of the Universe” and “Down to the Wire.”

It’s a gorgeous issue with lots of great fiction and poetry, with work by Paul David Adkins / Paul Albano / Justin Carter / Liz Chereskin / Jamison Crabtree / Caroline Crew / Francis Daulerio / Justin Lawrence Daugherty / James Eidson / Dan Encarnacion / Didi Goldenhar / Carol Guess / Eileen Hennessy / Bob Hicok / Anne Cecelia Holmes / Celia Homesley / Lindsey Hopton / Neal Kitterlin / Sarah Levine / Rob MacDonald / Kelly Magee / Alex McElroy / Karyna McGlynn / John McKernan / Joe Milazzo / Katherine Scott Nelson / Elizabeth O’Brien / Nina Puro / Jade Ramsey / Ann Robinson / Aurelie Sheehan / Anis Shivani / Ryan Teitman / Jason Tobin / Caleb True / Madeline Vardell / Katie Willingham and artwork by Aniela Sobieski.

You can grab a copy for just 4 bucks HERE.

[Note: the journal erroneously listed me as the sole author, but these are collaborations.]

Whiskey Island

Two prose poems written in collaboration with the poet Dustin Nightingale have just been accepted for publication in Whiskey Island.

We’ve been working hard at this ongoing series of collaborative prose poems — emails bouncing back and forth between Fargo, North Dakota and Syracuse, NY — and it’s fantastic to see them finding homes in journals as wonderful as Whiskey Island.

Thank you Whiskey Island editors! Huzzah!