First Indications (of Trouble at the Ranch)

My poem “First Indications (of Trouble at the Ranch)” has recently been read by a gentleman named Kurt Milberger on his youtube page where he reads a poem a day.

The poem was originally published in issue 4 of NOO Journal back in 2006.

You can watch this charming reading of my short poem HERE.

Thanks Kurt for this pleasant surprise!

Audio & Video Podcasts from Superstition Review

The wonderful folks at Superstition Review, who published four of my poems in Issue 9, have just podcasted audio of me reading the poems in my library, with the cat locked out so she wouldn’t keep meowing into the microphone, and video of me reading them in the wonderful weeds and brush behind our house and on the playground of a local elementary school. The video was shot on my girlfriend’s Android phone, so it’s lofi (a.k.a. blurry).

Thank you Superstition Review!