“The Low Crumble of Distant Applause” in The Laurel Review

What a thrill to receive my contributor copy of The Laurel Review issue 50.1 which contains my poem “The Low Crumble of Distant Applause.” What an additional thrill to see that contributor list — Jeff Alessandrelli, Mary Biddinger, Bruce Bond, Emily Borgmann, Kristina Marie Darling, Mark Halliday, Al Maginnes, Gary McDowell, Kyle McCord, Martin Ott, Carrie Shipers, Marcus Wicker — to name but a few! Thanks a million to Daniel Biegelson, John Gallaher, Luke Rolfes, and the rest of The Laurel Review crew!

“Right Like Yellow Along a Banana” in The Laurel Review

It’s a sunny day here in Syracuse – yippee! – and I’ve just received my contributor copies of The Laurel Review issue 49.2, which contains my poem “Right Like Yellow Along a Banana” – a poem about sunlight, among other things. So many great voices in this issue – Bruce Bond, Nancy Naomi Carlson, Maxine Chernoff, Matthew Cooperman, Kristina Marie Darling, Shawn Fawson, Alex Lemon, Michael Robins, Kathleen Rooney, Martha Silano, Tony Trigilio – to name but a few. Thanks so much again Daniel Biegelson, John Gallaher, Luke Rolfes, and the rest of the Laurel Reviewers!