New Pages Mention

The good folks at New Pages have singled out my poem “Creation Myth” for mention in their new review of Prairie Schooner‘s Fall 2013 Issue (Vol. 83 Issue 3). Here are the kind words that reviewer Kenneth Nichols has to say:

Christopher Citro’s poem “Creation Myth” includes a number of powerful images. The narrator begins by describing a rural scene: “Overgrown weeds had hidden the car until / the brushfire revealed it. Once the doors cooled, / neighborhood kids came to investigate . . .” The car is occupied by a man and woman in formalwear. Those children receive a potent lesson in a few different kinds of “creation.” Citro’s poem distinguishes itself with the strength of the imagery and the interesting way in which Citro allows the reader to slide into the perspective of Timmy, one of the children whose understanding of the world is being changed by what he sees.

You can read the rest of the review HERE, along with reviews of current issues of Ploughshares, The MacGuffin,  Green Mountains Review, Indiana Review, Willows Springs, and more.

You can read the whole poem, which Prairie Schooner made available online, HERE.

Thank you Kenneth Nichols and New Pages!

Prairie Schooner

My verse poem “Creation Myth” has just been published in the fall 2013 issue of Prairie Schooner.

The issue isn’t available online yet, but when it is you can order a copy for just 9 bucks HERE and get yourself some poetry, fiction, and essays by the likes of Nikki Giovanni, Floyd Skloot, Barry Lopez, Lisa Gornick, Marvin Bell, and many others.

Thank you editors of Prairie Schooner!