I’m Teaching a Poetry Workshop in Syracuse NY This Fall

Summer is never going to end–I’m clutching onto that thought like inflatable water wings. But just in case it does…I wanted to share the delightful news that I’ll be teaching a poetry workshop on the short poem Wednesday evenings this fall at The Downtown Writer’s Center in Syracuse, NY (see the class description below). Registration is inexpensive and open to the public. To learn more about The Downtown Writer’s Center, download the fall class schedule, and register for the workshop, visit the Center’s website HERE. Feel free to share with anyone who might be interested!
The Short Poem with Christopher Citro. Wednesdays, 6:00-8:00. 8 weeks, starting October 4. “But who would believe such a thing? / To build a house out of paper and then abandon it” (Mary Ruefle, “Wasps’ Nest”). In this workshop we’ll explore the challenges and joys of making a poem happen in fewer than 14 lines. We’ll discuss short poems, from the old to the very new, and then use prompts to inspire us in our own writing.

2 Poems Published in Meridian Issue 39

I’m drop-down delighted to hold in my hand my contributor copy of Meridian Issue 39 – the No Borders issue – which contains my poems “The Sky We Want to Reach Up and Press Our Thumbs Into” and “One Theory of What’s Happening Out There.” This powerful issue features work by such superlatives as Destiny Birdsong, Roy Guzmán, JP Grasser, Carlie Hoffman, Patrick Kindig, Ösel Jessica Plante, Jeff Whitney, and more! Thanks so much Courtney Flerlage, Helen Chandler, and the rest of the good folks at Meridian!

Lyric Essay “Strike Anywhere” Published Online in Quarterly West

My lyric essay “Strike Anywhere” has been published online in Quarterly West Issue 91. This essay is from a series based on the four classical elements, and its theme is fire. Huge thanks to Noam Dorr, Sara Eliza Johnson, JP Grasser and the rest of the Quarterly West staff. Also, I want to say a scorchingly grateful thank you to my generous friends and family who allowed me to audio record them for this, including those whose interviews never made it into the final draft.

Read the essay HERE.