3 Poems Accepted at Alaska Quarterly Review!

Last night I received the delightful news that three of my poems — “In Small Significant Ways We Are Horses,” “To Keep At Least Partially In the Air,” and “We Are Many People Some Okay” — have been accepted for publication in Alaska Quarterly Review! I celebrated by baking a potato at 1:30 am and watching The Man with the Golden Gun. Made sense at the time

2 Poems Just Published in the Southwest Review!

It’s chilly here in Syracuse, but I’m enjoying the warm glow of having received my contributor copies of the sunny Southwest Review, Volume 102, Number 2, which includes my poems “Shadows of Blackbirds on Our Arms” and “Let’s Arm Ourselves with Supple Skin.” This issue features luminous new work by Elijah Burrell, Jac Jemc, Jacqueline Osherow, Lee Rossi, Lewis Shiner, Jonathan Weinert and others. Thank you again to editors Terri Lewers, Preston Hutcherson, and Greg Brownderville!

“Every Other Week a New Planet” in Jellyfish Magazine

Friends! Happy day! One of the collaborative prose poems I’ve been writing with Dustin Nightingale has just been published in the new issue of Jellyfish Magazine. It’s called “Every Other Week a New Planet” and it gets to share this beautiful issue with the likes of RE K Bye, Ruth Baumann, Joey De Jesus, Wren Hanks, Hajara Quinn, Zachary Evans, Jayme Russell, and Sara Biggs Chaney! Thanks so much to editors Gale Marie Thompson, Anne Cecelia Holmes, Philip Muller, Kamden Ishmael Hilliard, and Caroline Cabrera!

Read our poem HERE!

“The Low Crumble of Distant Applause” in The Laurel Review

What a thrill to receive my contributor copy of The Laurel Review issue 50.1 which contains my poem “The Low Crumble of Distant Applause.” What an additional thrill to see that contributor list — Jeff Alessandrelli, Mary Biddinger, Bruce Bond, Emily Borgmann, Kristina Marie Darling, Mark Halliday, Al Maginnes, Gary McDowell, Kyle McCord, Martin Ott, Carrie Shipers, Marcus Wicker — to name but a few! Thanks a million to Daniel Biegelson, John Gallaher, Luke Rolfes, and the rest of The Laurel Review crew!

“We Live on a Foreign Planet This One” and “Sneaking Back Inside” Accepted at cream city review!

Thrilled to share the news that my poems “We Live on a Foreign Planet This One” and “Sneaking Back Inside” have been accepted at cream city review! Back in 2012 they published my poem “Communication Problems in the Middle Ages” which later appeared in my book The Maintenance of the Shimmy-Shammy. It’s so great to have work forthcoming from there again!

I’m Teaching a Poetry Workshop in Syracuse NY This Fall

Summer is never going to end–I’m clutching onto that thought like inflatable water wings. But just in case it does…I wanted to share the delightful news that I’ll be teaching a poetry workshop on the short poem Wednesday evenings this fall at The Downtown Writer’s Center in Syracuse, NY (see the class description below). Registration is inexpensive and open to the public. To learn more about The Downtown Writer’s Center, download the fall class schedule, and register for the workshop, visit the Center’s website HERE. Feel free to share with anyone who might be interested!
The Short Poem with Christopher Citro. Wednesdays, 6:00-8:00. 8 weeks, starting October 4. “But who would believe such a thing? / To build a house out of paper and then abandon it” (Mary Ruefle, “Wasps’ Nest”). In this workshop we’ll explore the challenges and joys of making a poem happen in fewer than 14 lines. We’ll discuss short poems, from the old to the very new, and then use prompts to inspire us in our own writing.