The Doll Collection

Thank you to Luanne Castle for this comment about my poem in The Doll Collection anthology:
“The poems are stunning. I wish I had written Christopher Citro’s ‘The Secret Lives of Little Girls.’ I’m achingly jealous of it.”

You can read her entire Goodreads review of the anthology, edited by Diane Lockward and published by Terrapin Books, HERE.

And you can snag a copy of the anthology in print or Kindle HERE.

The Review Review’s review of Barrelhouse 13

I recently discovered that my list poem of mini poems “On Mother,” which appears in Barrehouse‘s recent comedy issue, was mentioned in a review by Michael Good published on the wonderful literary magazine review site, The Review Review.

The author writes:

A series of poems called, “On Mother,”  takes the on the style of Kenneth Koch, and in twenty three brief and disjunctive vignettes, reveals the mother’s character and personality. For example, “Mother (On Father and that One Nurse)” reads, “From now one, if anyone looks up your butt/it’s going to be a doctor or me.”


You can read the entire review of that issue HERE.

New Pages Mention

The good folks at New Pages have singled out my poem “Creation Myth” for mention in their new review of Prairie Schooner‘s Fall 2013 Issue (Vol. 83 Issue 3). Here are the kind words that reviewer Kenneth Nichols has to say:

Christopher Citro’s poem “Creation Myth” includes a number of powerful images. The narrator begins by describing a rural scene: “Overgrown weeds had hidden the car until / the brushfire revealed it. Once the doors cooled, / neighborhood kids came to investigate . . .” The car is occupied by a man and woman in formalwear. Those children receive a potent lesson in a few different kinds of “creation.” Citro’s poem distinguishes itself with the strength of the imagery and the interesting way in which Citro allows the reader to slide into the perspective of Timmy, one of the children whose understanding of the world is being changed by what he sees.

You can read the rest of the review HERE, along with reviews of current issues of Ploughshares, The MacGuffin,  Green Mountains Review, Indiana Review, Willows Springs, and more.

You can read the whole poem, which Prairie Schooner made available online, HERE.

Thank you Kenneth Nichols and New Pages!

Beach Sloth on LOG

The fine folk(s) that is(are) Beach Sloth wrote a wonderful two part review/gloss/celebration/introduction of NAP’s Nature Poems About Nature echapbook/anthology called LOG.

Beach Sloth had this to say about my poem called “The Tree I Just Leaned Against Is the Exact Age As Me”:

                Christopher Citro has sunlight hit him on the face. This is what happens when people go outside. Helicopters are commas in the real world. Nature is a scary place. People bump against each other. Without nature there would be no language because there wouldn’t be anything worth describing. Nature can be beautiful despite its uncertainty, just like people.

Read the rest of the descriptions at Beach Sloth’s Tumblr HERE & HERE.

Download for free and read LOG from NAP HERE.

New Pages reviews NANO Fiction V5 N1

Reviewer Aimee Nicole graciously singled out my prose poem “No, I Will Not Be Your Girlfriend” in her review of NANO Fiction Volume 5 Number 1 published a couple days ago at the wonderful New Pages.

Some stories left lingering thoughts behind that I found myself being reminded of for days after reading. Christopher Citro’s story “No, I will not be your Girlfriend” discusses the mirror-like setup of the human body. Everything is either centered (nose, bellybutton, mouth) or placed evenly on each side (arms, legs, nipples). Except the heart, he points out. Apparently when the heart was smack in the middle of our rib cage, it was at a “structural weak point.” After evolution, the heart now lies securely and safely on the left side of our chest. Citro writes: “It illustrates the innate ability of the human heart to get out of the way of danger.”

You can read the rest of her review HERE.

You could watch me jumping up and down with joy, if you happened to be in my living room right now, HERE.