Collaboration Acceptances at Jellyfish Magazine and the BLP Collaboration Anthology

As the full-length manuscript of the collaborative prose poems I’ve been writing with Dustin Nightingale begins to find its way out to a few presses for consideration, it’s a thrill to share the news that one of the remaining unpublished poems, “Every Other Week a New Planet,” has just been accepted at Jellyfish Magazine!

Additionally, three of our previously published collaborative prose poems have been accepted for They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology of Contemporary Collaborative Writing, forthcoming next summer from Black Lawrence Press. Yippee!

2 Poems Accepted at the Southwest Review

I’m delighted to share the news that my poems “Shadows of Blackbirds on Our Arms” and “Let’s Arm Ourselves with Supple Skin” have been accepted for publication in the venerable Southwest Review. Helps make up for the fact that someone seems to have misplaced the springtime sun here in Syracuse. Been missing for a week. Probably fell behind the fridge. ūüôā

I’ve Won a Pushcart Prize!

My poem “It’s Something People in Love Do,” published last year in Sycamore Review has just WON a Pushcart Prize 2017. I’m delighted, elated. Back in 2005 I received my first Pushcart nomination, from Redactions. That and each nomination since then has felt like such an honor. To have actually won a place in the anthology this year is, well, wow. Thank you to the individuals, editors, and journals who have generously supported my work over the years. Thank you to Bill Henderson and the rest of the Pushcart folks for choosing this poem for the 2017 Pushcart Prize Anthology. And thank you again to Anthony Sutton, Mitchell Jacobs, Rachel Reynolds, and the other good people at Sycamore Review for giving my poem a home in the first place!


Lyric Essay “Each Breeze Began Life Somewhere As a Little Cough” Accepted at Passages North

Late last summer I started work on a series of lyric essays, each inspired by one of the four classical elements: earth, air, water and fire. As I begin drafting the final one, it’s a massive delight to announce that the first essay, “Each Breeze Began Life Somewhere As a Little Cough” has just been accepted by Passages North as a future online bonus. In a nightmarish national news week(s), I’m very thankful for this.