Collaborative Prose Poem “The Star Wars Sheets I Had at Five” in Inter|rupture

I’m delighted to share the news that my collaborative prose poem, “The Star Wars Sheets I had at Five,” written with Dustin Nightingale, has just been published in the final issue of Inter|rupture, beside a host of other new and fellow former contributors, including John Gallaher, Gale Marie Thompson, Brandon Amico, Noah Falck, Mary Biddinger, John Sibley Williams, Dalton Day, Adam Tedesco, Jennifer MacBain-stephens, just to name a few wonderfuls. Congratulations to editors Curtis Perdue, Elizabeth Onusko, and Anna Pollock-Nelson on a great run and an awesome final issue, and best wishes on your future projects!

Read said poem HERE.

Read our previous contribution, “The Weight of Everything,” from the Oct 2014 issue HERE.