Barrelhouse Comedy Issue

I just got my copy of Barrelhouse issue 13, the comedy issue. It contains my list poem “On Mother” composed of little things my mother said that I collected for over a decade or so.


Contributors include Lucas Adams, Leslie J. Anderson, Oliver Bendorf, Amy Butcher, Sean Carman, Adrienne Celt, Christopher Citro, Danny Collier, Mark Cugini, Patrick Dacey, Brady Dale, Erin Fitzgerald, Elisa Gabbert, Kelsie Hahn, Kimberly Harding, Victor D. Infante, Sunny Katz, Lee Klein, Steven Kraan, Allis Leigh, Patricia Lockwood, Paul Luikart, Dan Magers, Ravi Mangla, Ben Michelman, John Mortara, Sean Murphy, Shawnte Orion, Abbey Mai Otis, Holly Painter, Kate Partridge, Kathleen Rooney, Pir Rothenberg, Ali Shapiro, Brian Warfield, John Dermot Woods, and April Wolfe.

You can get yourself a copy for ten bucks HERE.

Thanks Mike Ingram and the other Barrelhouse editors! And thank you mom!