Whiskey Island

The new issue of Whiskey Island contains two of my collaborative prose poems written with poet Dustin Nightingale: “Anywhere Is the Center of the Universe” and “Down to the Wire.”

It’s a gorgeous issue with lots of great fiction and poetry, with work by Paul David Adkins / Paul Albano / Justin Carter / Liz Chereskin / Jamison Crabtree / Caroline Crew / Francis Daulerio / Justin Lawrence Daugherty / James Eidson / Dan Encarnacion / Didi Goldenhar / Carol Guess / Eileen Hennessy / Bob Hicok / Anne Cecelia Holmes / Celia Homesley / Lindsey Hopton / Neal Kitterlin / Sarah Levine / Rob MacDonald / Kelly Magee / Alex McElroy / Karyna McGlynn / John McKernan / Joe Milazzo / Katherine Scott Nelson / Elizabeth O’Brien / Nina Puro / Jade Ramsey / Ann Robinson / Aurelie Sheehan / Anis Shivani / Ryan Teitman / Jason Tobin / Caleb True / Madeline Vardell / Katie Willingham and artwork by Aniela Sobieski.

You can grab a copy for just 4 bucks HERE.

[Note: the journal erroneously listed me as the sole author, but these are collaborations.]