New Pages reviews NANO Fiction V5 N1

Reviewer Aimee Nicole graciously singled out my prose poem “No, I Will Not Be Your Girlfriend” in her review of NANO Fiction Volume 5 Number 1 published a couple days ago at the wonderful New Pages.

Some stories left lingering thoughts behind that I found myself being reminded of for days after reading. Christopher Citro’s story “No, I will not be your Girlfriend” discusses the mirror-like setup of the human body. Everything is either centered (nose, bellybutton, mouth) or placed evenly on each side (arms, legs, nipples). Except the heart, he points out. Apparently when the heart was smack in the middle of our rib cage, it was at a “structural weak point.” After evolution, the heart now lies securely and safely on the left side of our chest. Citro writes: “It illustrates the innate ability of the human heart to get out of the way of danger.”

You can read the rest of her review HERE.

You could watch me jumping up and down with joy, if you happened to be in my living room right now, HERE.